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  1. Eaton’s LED Solutions Allow California Facility to Save More Than 50 Percent on Exterior Lighting Costs
  2. Professors shed light on economic impact of light pollution
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  6. These motion-activated streetlights could cut L.A.’s energy use by 40 percent
  7. LED streetlights paying off
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  9. City lights way in energy conservation
  10. AFE – Eclairage et enjeux énergétiques
  11. AFE – La hausse des tarifs de l’électricité n’est qu’un début
  12. LED street lighting trial in 12 of world’s largest cities shows up to 85% energy savings
  13. Light Pollutionand energy efficiency:a case study of the village ofVialonga
  14. Tvilight: The ‘talking’ streetlamps that will lighten your heart (but not your 


  15. L’efficacité énergétique en éclairage extérieur comme moyen de réduire la pollution lumineuse
  16. MSU: Is light polluting the sky? Answers could keep you up at night
  17. LED traffic lights slash Lisbon electricity costs
  18. Shedding light on inefficiency
  19. Use Electricity Wisely
  20. Calhoun County’s Darkness May Be Worth A Lot of Money
  21. Are efficiency improvements truly beneficial or are the gains being eaten by Jevons?
  22. How Smart Lamps Improve City-wide Efficiency