normeSince September 22, the BNQ 4930-100 “Outdoor lighting – Control of light pollution” standard is available for purchase on the BNQ site (French only).

The standard represents a great progress on the path to reduce light pollution after 6 years of work for IDA Quebec. It comes as a culmination of the previous stage – the AIR Regulation developed with the International Dark-Sky Reserve of Mont-Megantic and AQME (Association Québécoise pour la Maitrise de l’Énergie).

Developed on the basis of the AIR Regulation, the new standard is proposing four lighting zones, the fourth being for cities of over 100 000 inhabitants. Zone 0 is for increased protection areas (natural parks, observatories etc.) while zones 2 and 3 are for the rest of the territory – residential (2) and other regions (3). Zone 4 is also divided into four: A – Increased protection areas (banks, nature parks etc.) B – Residential areas, C – commercial, industrial or mixed and D area of downtown.

For these zones are given parameters to control the amount of light, its direction and its color and the operating time of lighting, summary tables centralizing everything to facilitate the use.

We invite you to apply and send us your feedback. A review of the standard is expected to start in three years.