HdlT2016Organized one week earlier than usual, the Earth Hour was celebrated Saturday, March 19th, all around the world. It was a quiet year on the social networks but also in Westmount where IDA Quebec was participating to its first public activity.

Despite the 25-year anniversary of the Committee “Westmount Healthy City”, the 10th celebration of “Earth Hour” in Westmount was rather discreet. Visitors do not show as in 2015 and the officials have missed the call – except Mr. Jacques Chagnon who gave a short speech at the beginning to retire immediately after.

IDA Quebec was represented again by Pierre Tournay and Mihai R. Pecingina.

The tradition has been respected. The Scottish bagpipes announced the arrival of Earth Hour (immediately after the presentation of the anniversary cake).

The lights around the Victoria Hall Centre were turned off. The sky was very clear so those present could take full advantage of telescopes in the nearby park.

The surprise of the evening was on the display of Westmount Hydro: the representative told us that the City is interest in the purchase of amber or PC amber LED. We’re expecting news with optimism.

And you? How have you spent the Earth Hour?