DSC05937The 4th of February, the Montreal section of IES organized at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum the gala to reward the winners of the “Prix-Lumière” – the most beautiful lighting projects of 2015.

For a second consecutive year, IDA Québec presented during the evening its own prize for the best lighting project. This year the winner was Louis-David Houle, engineer for exp, for his lighting project on Lavigerie Boulevard in Sherbrooke.

In his speech preceding the award, the President of IDA Quebec, Mihai Pecingina, who was accompanied by Isabelle Lessard, secretary of the organization, invited lighting designers to feel no fear of the “dark-sky” concept and to try to understand that it is very easy to achieve an acceptable installation from the point of view of the protection of the night environment by adjusting four parameters simultaneously: the quantity, direction and the color of the light and the duration of operation of the installation.