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The new standard for the reduction of the light pollution

Posted by on 24 October, 2015 in Brillant news

DSC05394Tuesday, October the 20th, BNQ presented the new norm on the light pollution reduction.

The presentation (click here for the pdf (french only): Lunch-éclair-Norme BNQ 20 octobre 2015) aimed more technical subjects, from standardization aspects to how the values proposed were calculated.

Mr. Daniel Langlais, Eng. BNQ was assisted by Patrick Martineau, Eng. Hydro-Québec, which presented the lighting technical part.

A record number of 60 people attended the conference presented October’s Lunch-éclair by IES Montreal.

At the same time the participants learned that the publication of the norm for public revision was pushed to mid-November.

Follow the BNQ site to access the content of the norm.

Mr. Mihai Pecingina, Germain Gauthier and Yvan Desaulniers, IDA Quebec members, assisted to the conference.

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The new standard … sees the light of day!

Posted by on 16 October, 2015 in Brillant news

BNQ normeUntil the 19th century, the night lighting was assured by the full moon, torches and modest lanterns. Since, the advent of the gas and the electricity favored the permanent night lighting which emerged gradually light pollution. Today, men and women live and work night and day and it became necessary to illuminate the cities. In the absence of standards and good practice to limit the harmful effects of night lighting, there is a continuous overbid in lighting that goes well beyond the simple needs to see and be seen which causes a waste of energy and money, in addition to generating negative impacts in many areas, natural and human.

Next Tuesday, October the 20th, at noon, during an IES Montreal Lunch-Éclair will be presented the new standard for the reduction of light pollution on which IDA Quebec has been working for 5 years with the BNQ.

If you want to attend the presentation by the BNQ (Daniel Langlais, Eng.), you can either reserve your place on the IES Montreal’s website (and click ” Réservez votre place en ligne!”) or present yourself at the door (5285 Henri Bourassa Ouest, St-Laurent, Québec H4R 1B7) but the cost will be greater – all the details are on the IES Montreal page.

If you cannot attend, from the 21st of October you can find and comment the standard on the BNQ site.

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