The presentation of the event that took place one month ago was abruptly interrupted by technical conditions. As we cannot let such a beautiful event without a final we resume today:

The second day started later than expected because of an incident during the bus trip to the Mont-Megantic Observatory which caused a late return to Sherbrooke.

DSC03523The program was at least as interesting as the first one if not more. Mr. Travis Longcore spoke on light pollution as global change, Roland Dechesne (Calgary RASC)DSC03614 went into the details of the effects of greenhouses lighting, modeling of light pollution by the UK Highways Agency was preceded a conference on spectral indices proposed by the CEGEP de Sherbrooke to finish with the presentation of the International Dark-Sky Association program for turtle protection – by W. Scott Kardel.

The humanist part was, again, well represented: Mary Stewart Adams counted the stories of the Headlands Dark Sky Park (Mackinaw City) and Nona Schulte-Römer (Berlin Social Science Center) showed how the public can influence innovation by the example of cities of Lyon and Berlin.

DSC03716For a perfect diversity, economic aspects (“First estimates of social and economic impacts of dark skies in Montsec”), life organization (SOLIS Sydney, IDA Quebec) and algorithms to achieve light pollution Regulations (“Global Approaches to the Regulation of Light Pollution”) completed the “menu”.

In a separate room, the “gold” sponsors had booths and posters were displayed.

In the evening, dinner brought another important and solemn moment for the ASTROLab of Mont Megantic: IDA’s