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From Jouvence to Sherbrooke – ALAN 2015 began today!

Posted by on 30 May, 2015 in Brillant news

IMG_0678As announced, the International Congress ALAN (Artificial Light at Night) 2015 began today in Grand Times Hotel in Sherbrooke.

Is where we met Martin Aubé and we asked his conclusions on LPTMM:

Q: How did it go to Jouvence? Impressions? Echoes?

Martin Aubé: What I heard it’s very positive, people exchanged a lot. We had a meeting at the end of the conferences that aimed to make the people who work in modelling (theorists) to talk with those who are measuring to see how we can make the process more effective. We wanted to see the people needs – what the guys that measure expect from those who are modelling and those that models to have a feed-back. It was amazing, a great success. It must be said that this is the second edition of LPTMM and we noted a growth of about 25% in participation. It remains little in terms of number of participants but even in the world there are about 100 people working in the field so it’s normal.

IMG_0679Just 3 minutes before the start of 2015 ALAN we asked a few words to Johanne Roby, the event organizer:

Q: What do you expect from this event?

Johanne Roby: We expect that all international specialists presents here allow us to discuss and advance in the field of artificial light in order to find solutions that will be effective and, in the same time, good for the night environment.

Q: And how was the organization? Everything is going as planned?

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Two congresses on light pollution in Sherbrooke

Posted by on 27 May, 2015 in Brillant news

DSC03472For the light pollution movement, an exciting week begun yesterday in Sherbrooke: two high level international congresses are held in the region in this period.

The first one started in Jouvence the 26th of May: LPTMM (Light Pollution: Theory, Modelling, and Measurements) – click to see their website and follow on Twitter #lptmm and #lptmm2015.

IDA Quebec was represented by its President, Mihai Pecingina, which addressed a welcome word to the participants after Martin Aubé and John Barentine (representative of the the Intermnational Dark-Sky Association).

We asked Martin Aubé two questions (just like in NHL –10 minutes before the “match”):

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