Basic RGBIn connection with the 4th Municipal Energy Meeting (which is presented on 3rd and 4th April in Rimouski), IDA Quebec launches a new Internet section and a new version of the Model Oudoor Lighting Bylaw.

The new section is the library – a collection of web links and pdf files on various topics related to light pollution. This section is intended to be one of the more comprehensive available of its kind and will be supplemented each week with the novelties and the new discoveries of the team and readers.Biblitheque
The topic covered are: light pollution, light at night, energy efficiency and other economic aspects, the impact of light pollution on biodiversity, stars and astronomy, statements, documents, parks and dark-sky reserves, lighting and LED, street lighting and security, regulations on outdoor lighting and their application, billboards, eye and vision, sleep and health, pictures and movies on light pollution. We invite you to discover them.

The new version of the Bylaw already offered on our site, incorporates comments from readers, the vast majority being formulated by the International Dark-Sky Reserve of Mont-Mégantic and AQME abregewith which IDA Quebec currently works for the completion of training about light pollution. We expect more reviews despite our belief that the current variant covers very well all the possibilities and all the needs of Quebec Municipalities of small or medium size.

The offer of IDA Quebec to the municipalities will also be presented during the workshop “Successful public lighting conversion” when Mr. Mihai R. Pecingina, President of IDA Quebec, will present a short lecture on the “Intelligent lighting and respectful of the night sky”.